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Robert S.

Exactly what I wanted.

I have used these sparingly so far, but recently had a backcountry ski day that started early. We have some great late season snow and I wanted to make sure to get to the ski area before it warmed up too much. 2 capsules first thing in the morning and I was pushing hard to the summit. It felt clean and consistent for several hours. Looking forward to more adventures!

Ron Z.

I love ZOHKO.

I haven’t drank caffeine for years. ZOHKO provides the boost I need… Without getting the shakes. The CBD provides a complete calming affect while the caffeine gives me the jump I need. Amazing product!

Rachel M.  

wow...these work great!

I heard incredible things about these energy pills and decided to buy them. I tried my first one this morning, on a very dreary and rainy day when I needed to get some work done but had about 0% motivation.

Within minutes, I started feeling clearer and more energized. I don’t feel jittery, ungrounded, or manic in any way. It’s a “clean” energy that’s giving me a focused push. In fact, not only am I now motivated, but I just moved some of my to-do list around in order to do the harder things today. I’m ready to go!

I definitely recommend this product – as another reviewer said, they really got the formula right here.

Eddy G.

Work great for jet Lag.

I make sure to order some of these before I travel internationally. They work great for waking me up when my brain is scrambled due to jet lag. Love ‘em!

Josh T.

Smooth energy without side effects.

I’ve used this product on a couple of long drives recently. Usually I need to stop and get coffee at least once because of micro-sleeping. With this product, that doesn’t happen. It provides a smooth effect, no jitters and I stay awake…. All good things. Try it and see what you think yourself. I bet it‘ll impress you.

Hollis T.

Every one of my ski friends was begging me for them…

I carried ZOHKO in my pocket every single day for over 100 days of skiing this year. I took it almost continuously every day when I started to bonk and wanted to continue to ski... I was able to avoid eating a bunch of sugary gels or snacks and ski full days. Pretty much every one of my ski friends was begging me for them after I gave them some.

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