The Manifesto

The team behind the tincture. The group behind the goop.

The makers of the medecine. ZOHKO Manifesto
The CEO’s of CBD.

Call us whatever you want, we’re hysterical for hemp!

Why? Simple. Its the secret sauce to a life well lived, so we’ve mixed it into every adventure supplement we can find. Our bodies are made for it! Science has proven that everyone has special CBD receptors in their brain from back when giant Flamingos roamed the earth and Cannabis was a dietary staple. We were literally built to run off of this stuff like air, water, sugar and the sun.

Unfortunately, just like almost everything that is naturally good for us, governments regulated CBD out of existence and out of our lives. Our brains have been starving. Our empty CBD receptors could be causing inflamed joints, upset sleep, fatigue, migraines and even anxiety issues. We’ve been withholding exactly what our bodies need to thrive and to feel better than alive… but that ends now.

the secret sauce to a life well lived

Our mission at Zohko is simple. We’re filling in the gap and putting CBD on the map for every adventurer to find.

If you like what we’re about and want a piece of the pie, try becoming an affiliate of the most exciting CBD supplement company around (us!). Or, if you just wanna party, check out the contests we run every day… you might not win, but you’ll sure as hell have fun trying!

Dripping Capsules


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