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ZOHKO Plant-Based Energy Capsules

Product image 1ZOHKO Plant-Based Energy Capsules
Product image 2ZOHKO Plant-Based Energy Capsules
Product image 3ZOHKO Plant-Based Energy Capsules

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Energy supplements that make you shake are garbage. When you’re on them, you probably feel like you’re on a bumpy ride down volcanic rock. In other words, you deserve better! ZOHKO's plant-based adaptogenic energy is the game-changer you need.

ZOHKO Energy, is your kind of energy. This revolutionary plant-based formula combines 8 natural ingredients and 100 mg of caffeine to give you focused energy to keep you going throughout the day, with no crash or jitters.

Plus, the adaptogens help you cope with everyday stresses of life so you can stay focused on whatever you're doing, work or play. If you're ready to stay relaxed and in the zone all day long, then you're ready for ZOHKO.

Last, all we're saying is, what are you waiting for? Buy the best kind of energy on the market, because if you hesitate, you’re just going nowhere fast.

Additional Information

Weight .1 lbs
Product Information

Serving Size: 1 LICAP, Servings Per Container: 30


Plant-based Oil ExtractSupporting a sense of calm and focused energy
Caffeine – Wakefulness, energy & focus modifier
Vitamin B12 – Metabolic energy booster
DYNAMINE™ – Fast-acting, jitter-free energy delivery
Spirulina – Fatigue fighting blue algae superfood
Rhodiola – Physical stress and fatigue-fighting root extract
MCT Oil – Keto-friendly coconut-based brain food
Ginseng – Ancient herbal energizers from Siberia & Korea



  • Why does Zohko Energy look so gnarly?

Green is great, it’s the color of life! Our special blend is chock full of chlorophyll.

  • How much is too much?

Long-term use or high doses of ginseng may cause headaches, dizziness, stomach upset, and other symptoms. Up to 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine a day appears to be safe for most healthy adults. That’s roughly the amount of caffeine in four cups of brewed coffee. We suggest you approach all ZOHKO Energy use with moderation and under the supervision of a qualified health professional.

  • Q: When should I take ZOHKO Energy?

In the morning, after lunch for a mid-day boost, or before your next workout or adventure. Be careful, though. Consult a physician first! .

  • How long does 1 bottle of ZOHKO energy go for?

Approximately 30 days if you average 1 pill per day.

  • Are your ingredients organic?

Most are, but some aren’t. We try our best to respect mother earth, after all, we wouldn’t have a playground without her!

  • Will it give me the jitters?

Everybody has a different body, so we aren’t sure. Most people tell us that because ZOHKO Energy has energy-enhancing natural ingredients in it, it has less “jitter” inducing effects than other energy supplements on the market.

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