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CBD For Epic Energy

We know you have probably heard about the many benefits of CBD. However, what about the newly trending claim of CBD for energy? Is it true? Does CBD increase your energy? Is it epic? Is it a ‘natural’ for adventurous spirits and extreme sports enthusiasts looking for a cutting edge energy boost without the jitters? If CBD promotes energy, without the crazy chemicals and sugars of energy drinks, then how does it work?  Here’s the scoop.

CBD (cannabidiol) is what you might call a ‘foundation for vitality’.  Your brain, organs, muscles and immune system are all regulated through your ECS (Endocannabinoid System). CBD feeds the various functions of the ECS that keep your body, mind and emotions in homeostasis (balance). That means you can operate at your maximum capacity!

The thing is, when you are looking for a fast powerful energy boost, CBD oil alone is not the answer. That is why extreme sports and adventure supplement company ZOHKO put together fast acting capsules that combines CBD + Caffeine+ 7 energy packed ingredients.

Like CBD on steroids! Here’s Why!

The ZOHKO formulators zeroed in on the needs of extreme sports athletes, like you,

to create the perfect blend of the healthy support and pure energy that you crave! ZOHKO CBD Energy Capsulesbring you the following high-powered combination of natural beneficial ingredients:

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil - Smooth Energizer

Full Spectrum means the CBD oil contains all of the natural cannabinoids, terpenes, bioflavonoids and nutritional benefits of the hemp plant. This includes essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll and fiber. We use only top quality strains and process with pure C02 extraction for optimum full body health.

Rhodiola: Rosea Root Extract – Anti-Stress Adaptogen

Rhodiola, also known as ‘Kings Crown’ or ‘golden Root’: is an adaptogenic herb that has been used across cultures to increase energy, vitality, and physical endurance. It is also known to have brain boosting, fatigue fighting and fat-burning power. This royal herb has potent power! Our motto is “show this little yellow blossom some respect and it will treat your body like royalty!” *

Dynamine™: Methylliberine For Elevated Mood

Dynamine™ is a proprietary product from an alkaloid found in the Kucha tea leaf.

This molecule works in the body by preventing adenosine from binding to receptors. This action can prevent sleepiness and fatigue. Dynamine™ also activates your dopamine receptors (D1 and D2) which means you increase the amount of the ‘feel good hormone’ released in the body! This gives you more motivation, drive, alertness, focus and increased energy, without elevating your heart rate or blood pressure.

Spirulina: Algae For Increased Endurance

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is considered one of the world’s most nutritious super food supplements. It is known to boost energy, as well as support your immune system, brain health, eyes, and cardiovascular system! Spirulina, the super green super food will keep you going strong! *

Caffeine: Anhydrous For Increased Energy

Caffeine is the supreme energy enhancer of the world! Many studies have shown that 250 MG of caffeine a day can increase alertness, improve concentration, relieve stress and some say, increase your life span! With ZOHKO Energy you will definitely expand the momentum of your life adventure! *

Ginseng: Korean and Siberian For Increased Virility and Brainpower

Both the Panax and Eleutherococcus varieties of Ginseng are famous for promoting sexual prowess and headboard-bouncing libido. This ancient root is also known to support increased brainpower, physical alertness and stamina. It might also help reduce your blood glucose levels and give you some extra immune system support. *

Vitamin B12: Methalcobalamin For Improved Memory & Energy Boost

At ZOHKO we know that B12 is the favorite supplement for smart asses everywhere!

Methalcobalmin B12 is the superior B12 because it doesn’t need to be converted in the liver to be activated in the body! That means it gets to work fast to bring you improved memory, attention span and energy metabolism and cardiovascular health, when taken by healthy adults! *

MCT Coconut Oil: For Keto Friendly Brain Food

Coconut based MCT Oil: Medium-Chain Triglycerides aid in rapid digestion and absorption. Because MCTs are readily absorbed from the GI tract and are metabolized very quickly by the liver. The use of MCT oil in place of other fats in a healthy diet may also support healthy weight. * 

Yaasss! That is the powerful ZOHKO Energy Secret Sauce!

ZOHKO Energy is the trailblazer of CBD for energy. The many beneficial properties of CBD, such relieving post-workout pain relief, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic properties: are all the benefits that extreme sport athletes and people on the move want and need!

You can have the advantage of a huge energy surge from nature and keep your balance and laser sharp focus. ZOHKO CBD Energy is a natural health enhancer that leaves chemical based energy drinks, soda and sugar in the dust. And no more jitters and heart palpitations, just pure clear focused energy to blast you into your next adventure!

When it is time to wind down after the big adventure you can ease out with a few drops of ZOHKO CBD Oil Tincture

Wouldn’t NOW Be The Time To Get A Blast of ZHOKO CBD Energy?                                      


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease.

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