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Brandon Z.

Been using the energy capsules before my workouts this week and I feel amazing! I have ditched the pre-workout powder I was using, and the CBD energy capsules give me a better boost of energy and I don't get that jittery effect with these.

Alexis L.

I love how fast acting and reliant the ZOHKO CBD is. The pure ingredients make me feel secure knowing what is going in my body. It has really helped me specifically when I’m anxious or stressed!

Ron L.

Congrats- It is not easy for energy products to offer calm and focus at the same time. Zohko does just that. No jitters and a a clarity of thinking.


Real Dirt Podcast

Did you know that ZOHKO's founder John Zolikoff came out of the motorcycle and action sports world. He worked for 15 ...

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ZOHKO CBD + Energy is a revolutionary product, combining the health benefits of CBD with a power-packed formula including caffeine and other natural energy-boosting ingredients like Vitamin B12, Spirulina, Dynamine, Rhodiola, and Ginseng.
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