Finally, a natural alternative source of energy with no crash.

Designed to help adventurous spirits stay adventurous.

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Energy’s greatest evolution is here.

Push yourself to new heights daily. We’ve taken CBD and added caffeine for the power you need to get sh*t done and Dynamine™, a natural caffeine booster to remove the comedown so there’s no crash, irritability or jitters.

The purest energy you’ve ever experienced.

Experience the thrill of life with none of the stress.

Focus, clarity and memory you haven’t had in years.

How it works

Full spectrum CBD + eight of the world’s most powerful supplements.

Simply ingest a tablet for hours of concentrated energy. Afterwards? There’s no caffeine crash thanks to our doctor-formulated recipe.

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ZOHKO provides the boost I need… The CBD provides a complete calming affect while the caffeine gives me the jump I need. Amazing product!

– Ron

I make sure to order some of these before I travel internationally. They work great for waking me up when my brain is scrambled due to jet lag. Love ‘em!

– Eddy

Within minutes, I started feeling clearer and more energized… It’s a “clean” energy that’s giving me a focused push. I’m ready to go!

– Rachel

Zohko CBD + Energy is guaranteed

Money back unless it does the trick.

Doesn’t do what we say it will? We offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee so you know you’re covered. Here’s why we’re sure you’ll love it.

Try ZOHKO risk-free on your terms.

Test it out in your own way and if you don’t like it, you’ll get your money back.

Doctor-formulated, tested by us.

ZOHKO is made from only the most powerful ingredients for the purest payoff.

All natural ingredients chosen carefully.

Filled with energy and goodness to help you operate at full capacity.

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